TCD 16.0 V8

TCD 16.0 V8

350 - 520 кВт / 469 - 697 л.с.

TCD 16.0 V8   8  цилиндров     кВт    л.с.  водяное  охлаждение   Tier 4 Interim

Основные параметры TCD 16.0 V8:

Modern water-cooled 8 cylinder engines in V-configuration with 90° angle Optimized turbocharging with electronic control and intercooling Exceptionally compact, powerful, and with a high power density Power take-off capabilities integrated in the gear train Electronic engine control with intelligent adaptation to drive management High-pressure CR-fuel injection SCR-technology In compliance to non-road emission standards EU Stage III B and US EPA Tier 4 interim

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